Steeped in over 100 years of tradition, East Hoathly & Halland Carnival Society members have been volunteering their time, each year, fundraising for local charities and organising community events. Eventually working towards a spectacular, fiery Carnival Celebration each November.

Growing from Guy Fawkes Night, where traditionally bonfires and torches were lit to to mark the annual commemoration observed on 5th of November each year. East Hoathly and Hallands Carnival Society’s annual celebrations are so much more.
Held each year the day before Remembrance Sunday, the tradition has developed into remembering those who were lost in the two World Wars. Therefore the Society’s motto is “LESS WE FORGET”


The Carnival Society first developed from celebrations on the 11th November 1918 when the Armistice was signed, leading to the end of the First World War.

Recorded memories from that night recollect lighting a huge bonfire outside the Kings Head Inn, where singing, dancing and merriment went on throughout the night. The celebrations continued the following week with an impromptu ball at the Kings Head where colourful fancy dress costumes of all descriptions were worn by members of the community. Then at 10pm the group processed between all the principal houses in the parish and a rousing speech was made at each. Then a street party ensued with more dancing and music.

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This era continued on the 21st July 1919 when National Peace day commenced with another fancy dress parade ending in the local schools playground, where prizes were given for the best dressed.
From the basis of these early celebrations, the carnival society was formed.

Over the years the traditions and the costumes have evolved. During the 1950’s Cowboy and Indian costumes were adopted. Today this theme has continued but evolving into the Western Including American Civil War when we represent the village around Sussex and attending other Carnival and Bonfire society’s celebrations.
At home, on our Carnival night some members choose to dress in Military attire to honour the remembrance theme.

We appreciate the continued support of the local community to this day to allow us to uphold the long standing tradition. We also welcome new members to keep this custom alive well into the future.